Are you planning a visit with your kids to Vegas? Las Vegas has a lot to offer to you and your kids. You can take your kids hiking, visit the museums, but not the boring type, you will find stuff you never expect in a desert, like the gondolas, dolphins. Did I mention the Vegas candy shops? The kids can also hang out high above the city and enjoy plunging down on a roller coaster at a speed of 90mph. Do not worry coming with kids, they won’t be baggage. Below are great insights on things to do with kids in Las Vegas.

Adventuredome Theme Park

adventuredome theme park vegas
Adventuredome Theme Park is America largest indoor theme park. The park features the only world indoor double corkscrew, double loop roller coaster. The experience here for your kids is wild. The park is located under a huge pink dome just before the Circus. The park sits on a five-acre surface area. The perfect spot for kids as well as adults to enjoy the games and rides around the year.

The entry to the theme park is free, but it costs to play and ride. Together with the rides there is a selection of fair games, miniature golf, arcade and a thrilling 4-D movie adventure.

When visiting Las Vegas, a visit to the park to should have a guaranteed score to earn number one slot, in the things to when in Las Vegas.

I would recommend when accessing the park, get a full day pass, the fun and thrill are enough to engage your kids the whole day.

Visit the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens vegas
Conservatory & Botanical Garden is located adjacent to the lobby of the Bellagio hotel. The conservatory is in a huge glass dome. This garden has one hundred and forty horticulturists providing an impressive beautiful and excellent scene. The internal arrangement is stunningly elegant. The scenes use plants, trees, flowers and constructed pieces, such as gazebos, bridges and lighthouses. These scenes have a unique visual appearance. Together with the seasonal scenes the theme park scenes will change according to holidays. The park is open all day, and all visitors enjoy free entry. The available photo opportunities and the elegant scenes should make this conservatory and botanical garden a preferred spot to visit with kids.

Visit Shark Reef Aquarium, Mandalay Bay

Shark Reef Aquarium vegas
The Shark Aquarium located at the Mandalay Bay gives a unique view and experience of the underground water. The aquarium has a great fascination for the kids. The aquarium has 14 unusual exhibitions, which includes, 100 sharks, rays, piranhas and crocodiles. Also found here are the sea turtles and exotic fish which are less intimidating to kids. The great highlights for kids when visiting the aquarium is the 1,3 million gallon shark and touch pool. You will have an opportunity with the kids to go through the tunnels of the aquarium.

This is among the best sites to visit with your kids to enjoy an entirely unimaginable environment.

Experience at the Stratosphere Tower

Stratosphere Tower vegas
The Stratosphere is the tallest single observation tower in the United States. The tower has a height of 1,149 feet, making it the tallest building in the region west of River Mississippi. From the top of this tower, you will have an elegance view and opportunity to capture the Las Vegas Valley and the Las Vegas trip. This is a perfect spot to visit, and especially for kids who love thrilling experiences. When on top the kids can enjoy the high roller coasters and the big shot ride, which is 100 stories from the ground.

For the height phobic, you can enjoy from the midway attraction, Strat-O Fair Midway. This site is found in Stratosphere hotel.

A visit to the Big Apple Coaster and Arcade

Big Apple Coaster and Arcade vegas
Found outside the New York Hotel, the roller coaster offers your kids a perfect view of the Las Vegas strip; only for those who can manage to keep their eyes open long. Big coaster has its opening drop at 144 feet, the maximum speed around the track can get up to 67 mph. The joy of the coaster is the inverted in the loop with an 180 degrees twist. At the entry of the arcade are the midway style and video games.

The fun around the arcade and roller coaster will catch the attention and engage the kids entirely.

Siegfried & Roy Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat

Siegfried & Roy Secret Garden vegas
An animal sanctuary, which is located inside the Mirage Hotel & Casino. The sanctuary focuses on big cats and dolphins. The palms and lush foliage surround this dolphin habitat, a 2.5 million gallon tank. The habitat houses bottlenose dolphins. Usually, there is no shows and theatrics but sometimes the trainers will perform some tricks with the dolphins. There is also an opportunity for underwater viewing of the dolphins as they play and interact among themselves. The secret garden houses a variety of the big cats, in the well maintained and beautiful greeneries there are waterfalls where you can see the tigers, panthers, lions, and leopards. The kids will also be taught about the big cat family here.

Visit the Bellagio Hotel Fountains

Bellagio Hotel Fountains vegas
These fountains are located outside the Bellagio Hotel, which is a manmade lake with over one thousand man-made fountains. The view of the fountains is a choreographed dancing lights, water, and music. You will enjoy the geysers shooting lit water for almost hundreds of feet in the air as you listen to music, which is synchronized with the fountains. This show takes place for every half an hour at 7 p.m. The show is free you only have to keep time, after 7 pm the free show of fantasy takes place after every quarter an hour until midnight.

Visit Gondola Ride, Venetian Hotel

Gondola Ride, Venetian Hotel vegas
Venetian Hotel has winding man made canals; this forms the path where a gondolier who will be singing Italian songs for you as you ride guides the gondolas. The personal gondolier has a great voice, and you will enjoy the famous tunes here, that’s Amore, a wonderful rendition. You will have two options to choose from, either an outside or indoor gondola rides. Each of the gondolas rides takes 14 minutes, and a boat can carry up to 4 people at once.

Las Vegas has fantastic spots and offers your kids lifetime experiences through the thrilling activities they can engage in. It is only in Las Vegas where exceptional sceneries are found. Interestingly these are just a few, there still more thrilling and breathtaking activities your kids can engage in.