Love is a special feeling that binds two souls into one. While everything seems to be like rainbows and sunshine when two people are in love, the ambiance just acts as a cherry on the cake. While you were busy exchanging glances with each other, we’ve curated a list of romantic cities in Europe to fire up the flames of intimacy all over again, just for you! Love is in the air, someone rightly said.

Venice, Italy

Venice-ItalyVenice, the art capital of Italy, is a fairyland in itself. With water in the major parts and a few buildings here and there, this city has completely replaced traffic jams and pollution with canals and narrow lanes only to end you up at the monumental entice. You’re drooling at the thought of spending day here with your loved one already, right? Experience the love like never before because Venice is one of the most romantic cities in Europe.

Paris, France

Romantic Cities in Europe - Paris France
It’s Paris, folks! Need I say more? Well known as one of the most romantic cities in Europe (or the world for that matter). Every nook and corner of this European city is made for a picture perfect moment. While the Eiffel Tower boasts of million love stories, on-air and off, the picturesque gardens of Paris welcomes you to discover love, in Adam-Eve style! If we were to describe the beauty of Paris that is, a thousand books wouldn’t have suffice the quench! Nothing can beat the couple walks in rains along the Seine, Paris!

Rome, Italy

Romantic Cities in Europe - Rome Italy
When in Rome, do as the Romans do! That being said, we want you to forget all your qualms, and troubles to a point where everything seems fresh as the whiff of air. Try something exhilarating with your better half, move past the fountains, and piazzas and throw coins to make a wish. Stand by each others side in times, thick and thin, and be a part of three-thousand-year-old history of love as we know it!

Vienna, Austria

Romantic Cities in Europe - Vienna
For the couples who prefer long romantic walks, Vienna offers them with the picturesque realm to walk relentlessly, hand in hand while they discover beautiful monuments circling the pedestrian streets. Horse-drawn carriages come to rescue when your legs pain with all the walk-sessions with your loved one! You’re craving big time to come here, aren’t you?!

The Maldives, Asia

Romantic Cities in Europe - Maldives
Although not in Europe, and also not a city, The Maldives has to be the #1 most romantic place to spend with a loved one to experience the sunnier side to your relationship!

The Maldives, situated in the southernmost part of Lakshadweep, has the collection of best beaches known to the world. A walk along the beach in the evening, or a joint underwater adventure in the day, brings you closer like no other place can.

Given this place is becoming a hub for new honeymooners, this place has an out-of-the-world nightlife. So deck yourselves with best clothes available, and dance till your legs cry in despair! Did we mention that Maldives has the best sunset point? Isn’t this the most amazing moment to share with your better half? So pack your bags already!

It’s a love-affair, after all! Happy Romancing, birdies!