Sloths are pretty amazing. And friendly. They seem like they can be good friends. And what better way to celebrate friendship than do a little sleepover?

It’s possible in the Zoological Wildlife Conservation Center in Rainier, Oregon. They offer a new and special program to sloth-lovers called *magicly* the “sloth sleepover”. Yes this is real. If you join a sloth sleepover, you get to chill out with real sloths inside they habitat at the center.

The Zoological Wildlife Conservation Center is dedicated to rescuing sloths and doing research about how to keep them alive.

The costs? You have to be willing to pay $600 for a double-occupancy booking. With that you have a full day of living with the sloths (and doing something good as well).

Worried about the health of the sloths? Zoological has a very strict policy when it comes to this program.

“[W]e are concerned that there will be a lot of pop-up entertainment programs that intend to use sloths to capitalize on the funds to be made by utilizing this delicate species’ current popularity, but do not follow proper protocols for the subject sloth’s long-term health, putting captive sloths at risk,” Zoological said. “Our doors are open to any sloths in need, no questions asked.”