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Surrounded by nothing but trees and mountains after a beautiful weekend at @gaiaretreat 🌿🌳☁️

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Down came the rain and washed away all the tour buses, leaving me with this paradise all to myself! 🌴

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Cobblestone alleys, pastel colored houses, old street lamps. #Zurich old town is charming. #switzerland

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Sun beginning to set in Aquismón, Mexico.

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The view at Durdle Door on the south coast of England.

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Let me continue the story about our Altiplano expedition. Our next stop in Altiplano expedition was ALMA array. That is the largest radio telescope array in the world at the altitude around 5000 m! Imagine how incredible the sky is here! I was lucky to get permission from ESO to visit the place with my photo workshop group. It was hard to get a permission, so we were so happy entering ALMA that even the high altitude medical examination did not scare us 🙂 I start the series about the main goal of the Altiplano expedition – astrophotography. On this trip I met talented astrophotographer @yuribeletsky He inspired me to visit ALMA. If you are not following him yet – I strongly recommend to do so. DanielKordan.com Aperture f/2.8 Shutter speed 30 s ISO: 4000 Nikon D810A AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED #Chile #alma #special_shots #radio #natgeospace #nightsky #night #nighttime #discoversouthamerica #astrophotography #apod #stargazing #longexpoelite #universetoday #travel #earthpix #awesome_earthpix #discoverearth #awesomeearth #thebest_capture #wonderful_places #travel_captures #instagood #instacool #amazing_longexpo #longexpoelite #SpaceAttraction #nightphotography #nightscaper #ig_astrophotography @earthpics @nightphotography @nightphotography_exclusive @natgeo

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Right now

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Wonderful view of downtown Montreal from atop Mount Royal.

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I see why many people love Santorini so much. There are quite a few spots on the island, like this one in Oía, which are so breathtakingly beautiful that you just think, "Oh no this is too good to be true." Except it's not. I'm so grateful to @theluxurycollection and @beautifuldestinations for bringing @dante.vincent and I to Greece as Global Explorers so we could finally see spots like this through the lenses of our own cameras and not just on someone else's feed. My job isn't always as fun as this has been so I'm trying to post less and be present more. If you just need more, check out "BDestinations" on 👻 for awesome BTS of our work, @jacob is killing it with the snaps!! 🇬🇷 #TheLuxuryCollection #sp

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I'm missing those gorgeous Minorcan views today. It's grey and rainy at home and I want to be here! #takemeback #traveltuesday

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PORTOFINO Preview Currently on Snap: TravelBreak Because. ITALY. #HarmonyOfTheSeas #NewCityEveryDayYay

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#Rwanda #StoryOfEarth

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[NEW POST] New on the A Lady in London blog today: England's loveliest weekend getaway. Link in my profile.

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Late night calls

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Going to miss #Santorini and this pool with a view @SantoMarisOia. #SantoMarisOia #Greece

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Take every opportunity you get in life, because some things only come around once. #thecoolhunter #newzealand

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