The European rail system is an efficient, economical and delightful way to travel throughout Europe. Whether it’s for business or pleasure. Unlike air travel, there are no limitations on baggage, train stations are located in city centers. As opposed to airports that are frequently in outlying areas and require an additional commute to the city. It’s actually ideal to travel Europe by train!

Why you should travel Europe by train

When traveling by train, invasive security checks are avoided.  Once aboard the train you’re free to move about and mingle with fellow travelers, or visit the bar and dining cars that are offered on many lines.

Trains frequently run among the main cities. With no reservations required and seats nearly always available. You’re truly free to travel on his or her terms of the rail system. Train travel in Europe is also fast! Many routes offer high-speed trains with limited stops. Even the slower trains have relatively few stops and travel at speeds of up to 160 KPH.

Curious passengers can still enjoy the scenery at these speeds. As they are still at ground level, unlike an airplane. Sleeping compartments are also available on most trains and by planning travel for night time. Hotel cost can be avoided for the night in addition to making good use of time by traveling while asleep. You can also bring snacks or complete meals onboard saving more time and money.

While no reservations are required, tickets can be purchased with reservations online at Eurail is a firm jointly owned by several train and shipping companies from across Europe, and they work together to allow you to visit destinations throughout Europe, utilizing multiple train and sea transport providers.

The Eurail website provides information on schedules, routes, rules and other helpful information. Tickets and passes can also be purchased from travel agencies and other websites as well. You can buy a single or round trip ticket, or a pass that can be regional or continental. While tickets can be purchased online in advance, you can also visit train stations and buy tickets well in advance or shortly before the departure time.

Unlike airlines, there is no excessive markup included within the price for a short notice purchase at the station.

Tips for travelling Europe by train

If you decide to go by train, keep these tips in mind: Most stations have an information desk and the attendee can answer scheduling questions. But if there is a long line of others waiting to purchase tickets, then the worker at the desk can be a little short with the customer. If this is the case, then there are yellow posters with schedule information that can be consulted. Many lines require that a ticket be validated before boarding to prevent tickets being used for multiple trips. Passengers are assigned cars on the ticket, but can board any car and walk through the train to their assigned car. This can be helpful if you’re running late and the train is about to leave.

Train travel in Europe is a great way to get around and should be considered by anybody visiting Europe. Rails are safe, convenient, affordable and often fun. So if you find yourself needing to get around the continent, skip the hassle of the airlines or renting a car and hop onboard.