Composed of volcanic archipelagos, Hawaii is located just off the shore of mainland United States. The unique composition of the island offers a myriad of natural wonders that are beautiful and make the island one of the most popular tourist destinations in America.

With breathtaking views of the island’s natural beauties, fresh sea breeze air, and a dazzling culture with a rich history. There are some things to do in Hawaii as you explore its four islands and what the state has to offer.

Enjoy the stunning views of the different islands and the numerous historical and natural attractions. While getting around Hawaii, you will get the best of both history and nature with these tips on things to do in Hawaii. Below is an insight.

Visit Iao Valley

Things to do in Hawaii - Iao Valley
This is one of the most breathtaking natural beauties of Hawaii. Historically, Iao Valley used to be the gathering point for Hawaiians during the yearly Makahiki festival to honor the God of agriculture, Lono.
The bountiful greenery coupled with the rocky formations of ancient volcanic activity make the ultimate natural scene to explore. To access Iao Valley, first make your way to Wailuku Town and you will be within a walking vicinity to the valley.

Remember Pearl Harbor

Things to do in Hawaii - Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor is located on the island of Oahu, just west of Honolulu. The location is a well known World War II deep-water naval base and a historical site where the attack on Pearl Harbor triggered the war to continue.
Today, you can visit the site and learn about the history, the events, and commemorations of those who were involved. Among the many attractions and historical bits, there is the Battleship Missouri, also known as “Mighty Mo.” Mighty Mo is a retired warship that was involved in three wars.
Now, as it stands silently on Pearl Harbor, you can visit the interior and live the ship bound life as it was decades ago.

Hike the Napali Coast

Things to do in Hawaii - Napali Coast
Located in the island of Kuai, the coast of Napali is one that offers nature at its best in Hawaii. With iconic mountainous terrains on the shoreline, the majestic mounds covered in velvety green rise above the shore and stretched along for 17 miles. Not only do you get to view the terrains, but also get to experience the panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.
While on Napali coast, you can take one of the most exciting and challenging hikes Hawaii can offer, the Kalalau trail. This trail begins at Kee beach, takes you through five different valleys. It is one of the most secluded trails in Kalalau beach and the most challenging.
With muddy topsoil and narrow sections, it is the ultimate hiking challenge during your stay.

Venture to the Honolulu Zoo

Things to do in Hawaii - Honolulu Zoo
If you have been to a zoo elsewhere, you have probably seen similar animals within the vicinity. The Honolulu Zoo is something different entirely. It is located on Queen Kapi’olani Park in Honolulu and holds over 1000 animals.
In the zoo, you get to see the best of Hawaii’s nature in one place. With native and foreign animals alike, the zoo is full of fascinating creatures. There is also an art exhibit from various artists on display spanning decades with different themes.

Learn history at the Nuuanu Lookout

Things to do in Hawaii - Nuuanu Lookout
Also popularly known as the Lookout, this attraction is located only a few minutes away from the capital of Honolulu. The drive leading up to Nuuanu is one surrounded by nature’s best with dense forests as you leave the city behind.
The view from the lookout provides an excellent view of the coastline as well as the astoundingly captured view of the tall volcanic mountains that stand above the coastline. As the characteristically powerful winds blow you away, so will the view.

Besides to the great views, the Lookout is a learning opportunity due to its historical significance. In the area, the King in 1795 fought a decisive battle to unite the islands into one.
The battle was a bloody one, but the cause was achieved. Take the time to visit this place and learn a little about Hawaii’s history in one of the most immersive ways possible.

Enjoy a special beach at Lanikai

Things to do in Hawaii - beach at Lanikai
While yes, the whole state is surrounded by beaches, you probably have a whole bunch of beach time set aside for that. But you must know that not all beaches are the same, and Lanikai Beach is one of unique beaches that must be put in your itinerary.
With a name translating to “ heavenly sea,” the scenery attest to the title. With beautiful white sand beaches and clear waters, Lanikai beach stretches for a little over half a mile on the coast and its small but scenic appearance has earned it one of the places in the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Relax at the Rainbow Falls

Things to do in Hawaii - Rainbow Falls
During your search, you probably found many photos of the Rainbow waterfall. A popular destination for tourists and natives alike. It is located near downtown Hilo in Wailuku River State Park.
The 80-foot drop waterfall forms mists and rainbows as it gracefully touches down on the pond that surrounds it. The results is a beautiful natural show that is equally relaxing to the sight and one worth a spot in your photobooks.

Dance at the Polynesian Cultural Center

Things to do in Hawaii - Polynesian Cultural Center
You cannot close your visit to the islands without visiting the cultural center itself. The Polynesian-themed park and a cultural center that provides both entertainment and cultural learning. If you want to learn how to hula dance and breathe fire, this is the place for you.
Also to some entertaining shows in the afternoon, there are shows in the evening for a small additional charge that allows you to experience the Polynesian culture at night.

If you are still undecided on what your itinerary will look like after you land in the marvelously beautiful islands, take a look at our eight suggested things to do and places to visit. The list is not at all exhaustive but provides a good picture of what there is to do in Hawaii. Enjoy your adventures!