I love to travel through the year working online gives me the ability to just up and go carrying my job with me as I travel. I have explored many unique and unusual places, some of which are famous for their nature’s wild sceneries, and some of them have beautiful ancient architecture. But some of them are famous for their dining and restaurants.

I love dining out when I feel bored or if I am exhausted from work. I make a challenge of hunting out the most awesome food available. Last year I visited Thailand. There I searched for food that I had never tried before. I found some restaurants that had a variety of specialties but what I loved most was Thailand’s markets that contain some of the world’s finest street food.

## Stirfry
Chicken with basil is a typical dish that is accompanied with a fried egg on top. This side-dish can be found everywhere and costs less than $2

Mango Sticky Rice

Thai restaurants serve a dish called mango rice. It is presented beautifully with mangoes on top of the rice with salty coconut cream added for taste. Another similar dish you should try is Thai honey mango. Along with the3 other varieties of this tasty dish.

Roast Pork Belly

Best street food in thailand - pork
The pork belly is cooked by different street vendors who cook fried foods. A mix of chili sauce with the pork adds more fun to the taste. A dish you will recommend and tell stories about.


The sausages you find on the streets of Bangkok are fermented. Not only this kind, there is one other kind of sausage known as Sai Oua made up from many herbs, spices, and lime. Where there is no moisture in it, Sai Ova balances itself in the flavor. You’ll experience many different tastes of Sai Oua depending on which areas of Thailand you are visiting.

Steamed Crab

The beautiful local caught steamed crab of Thailand is one not to be missed you can pick a kilo and then cooked to order.


Best street food in thailand - curry
When you pass by the streets of Bangkok and you hundreds of steaming pots with food being cooked within, these are the local curries. There are a lot of varieties in curry. My favorite is a red pork curry available which includes eggplants for this special dish.

Pad Si Ew

Best street food in bangkok
Pad Si Ew is a rice noodle based dish with an addition of scrambled egg with Chinese broccoli, fish sauce, and soy. Different kinds of chilies and sauces are added for the seasonings and a good taste.

Whatever you do in Thailand be it exploring the temples or relaxing on their many beautiful beaches, make sure you take the time to sample the best street food in Thailand especially the Sukhumvit Road street market.

What’s your favorite dish? Let me know in the comments below.

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