For people who love to explore the world, especially the ones who don’t as much as they would like to. Travel movies are an escape route for us all. It is so easy to get lost in the cinematic visualization of far-off deserts and tropical forests and forget our everyday lives for a couple of hours. So without further ado, here are 20 of the best travel movies our generation has seen:

The bucket list

An all time favorite, this Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman starred won hearts and dazzled eyes.

Eat, pray, love

Julia Roberts charms her way through Italy, India, and Bali.

The motorcycle diaries

Travel through South America with Che Guevara.

A good year

Russell Crowe does an outstanding job, and the beautiful French vineyards are a visual treat.

The secret life of Walter Mitty

Don’t we all wish we had a secret life like that?

Seven years in Tibet

Watch this movie because of Brad Pitt, and for a stunning insight into the Tibetan way of life.

The Beach

Leonardo Dicaprio delivers a compelling performance, and the sandy beaches of Thailand will make you swoon.


Yes it might be juvenile, but Europe is beautiful, and it shows in this one.

The Darjeeling Ltd

Take a hilarious train ride across some gorgeous Indian landscapes

Doctor Zhivago

Not only is this a heartwarming story, the camera loves the Soviet background, and we can’t help it either.

The Endless Summer

Surf through sandy beaches all over the world.

Two for the road

The couples comical banter is engaging enough, but the road trip through the French countryside makes this movie worth watching over and over again.

Under the Tuscan Sun

This film is what the title says; drink in all the beauty of the Tuscan landscape, as you follow relatable characters go through life.

Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona

The incredibly fascinating love triangle set against the heart-stopping backdrop of Barcelona made this movie an instant hit.

The grand Budapest hotel

This hilarious film also boasts of dazzling scenery throughout the heart of Europe, leaving you wanting more.

The trip

This wonderful comedy explores the English countryside and it couldn’t be more quaint or delightful.

Before sunrise

Walk the streets of Vienna in a way you’ll never forget.


Because everyone loves Paris.

Letters to Juliet

Explore and discover love in the Italian countryside.

Lord of the Rings trilogy

The breathtaking scenery of New Zealand was the perfect backdrop for this epic saga.

If you can’t go there in person, grab some popcorn and go there in film!