One of the concerns a lot of people have when traveling, especially when making a trip solo, is the lack of company along the journey. But you don’t have to be lonely on your time away from your friends and family.

Meeting new and interesting people along the way is one of the reasons traveling enriches your life. And though you might worry now about not being able to break away from your shy self and chatting with a stranger, the traveler in you will be more open to the idea. Soon you’ll be friends with all sorts of fascinating people the world over.

Here are some ways to help you meet people while traveling:

Stay in Hostels

Bunking with other travelers in a new and unfamiliar city can help you find friends in the most unexpected of places. Besides saving multiple bucks on stay, you’ll find yourself laughing with amazing people who’ll make your trip all the more memorable. Check out our post on staying in hostels for more advice.

Language Is No Barrier

You don’t have to be fluent in the local lingo, smiling and using hand gestures are internationally understood, and your efforts to engage with new people regardless of your language handicap will be appreciated.

Be Generous

Be kind, be helpful. Lend your water bottle; share your maps and guidebooks. Generosity is the key to earning their trust, and no good deed goes unrewarded.

Say Yes

Say yes to new experiences, to scary adventures, to things you never do. Life is all about being open to new ideas, new people. You may end up making a friend for life. As proven by Brooke Saward of World of Wanderlust in this video.


This too good to be true online community consists of open, warm hearted locals who offer backpackers a hot meal and a soft bed in their homes free of cost. So look up a Good Samaritan for a hospitable welcome and a hearty conversation.

Go Local

Visit the local cafes and bakeries regularly. Make yourself a familiar face among the locals that come there. Strike up a conversation with the owners, the regular patrons. Hanging out with the locals is a free pass into their way of life, their culture and traditions.

Crawl Into A Pub Crawl

Nothing cements a friendship better than a good hearty drink; the more, the merrier (friends and drinks, both). Joining a pub crawl is a great way to meet the local die-hard party animals who know how to live up the night. Pub crawls are relatively cheap, and you get a night you might not even remember.

Look Up Friends

You might not have friends in every city in the world, but you’re probably friends with someone who has a friend where you’re going.

Join A Class

Sign up for a quick course or a class on any subject that spikes your interest. This is an excellent way to meet with people who share the same interests, and get talking.

Participate In Tours

Many cities offer free tours and excursions. But it is strongly advisable to tip generously. The tours are long enough to help you chat with a stranger you might want to spend more time with later.

So don’t resist. Go live, go play. Meet a person, make a friend.