For travelers who’ve seen it all and who’re no longer interested in the usual trekking and hiking or even camel riding, let’s turn the fear factor up a notch with the supernatural. If there’s any place on earth that’s likely to be haunted, it’s a hotel! So keep your lights on and your eyes wide open as the spooky stories come to life.

Here are ten haunted hotels from around the world:

Hotel Burchianti, Florence, Italy

This hotel is infamous for its many ghostly children and women knitting on rocking chairs spotted by patrons at odd times during the night. But most interesting, Benito Mussolini’s spirit is said to roam the corridors; a must visit for supernatural fans.

Akasaka Weekly Mansion Apartments, Tokyo, Japan

Voted the “Scariest Place to Stay in Japan”, these apartments are not for the faint-hearted. People have reportedly been woken up by someone stroking their faces and pale, slender figures vanishing from the beds. Goosebumps are guaranteed.

The Crescent Hotel, USA

Known as the “Most Haunted Hotel in America,” this is a resort built back in the 1800’s so you know dead people are revisiting the place all the time! Paranormal experts have even caught shocking revelations on camera.

Dragsholm Slot, Denmark

The spirits of old kings and nobles that once walked these very hallways are still reluctant to leave the castle, as has been witnessed by numerous visitors. Experience the beautiful scenery and the bloodcurdling screams.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, USA

Remember Marilyn Monroe? Of course you do; well if you ever want to meet her in spirit, the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel is said to be haunted by her.

Grand Hyatt Hotel, Taiwan

Chains clanking in the corridors and apparitions in the bathrooms are all everyday occurrences at this hotel. What do you expect? It was built on a wartime execution ground after all!

Banff Springs Hotel, Canada

This one has an interesting back-story involving a bride dying in her wedding dress, crashing down the staircase. Known as the “burning bride” after her gown caught fire killing her instantly; people have allegedly seen the woman dancing in the ballroom!

Langham Hotel, London

A doctor who murdered his wife, a butler who drags his feet in the corridors at night, a footman sporting a blue coat and a powdered wig; are all horrifying sightings that curious tourists can’t get enough of! Ballygally Castle, Northern Ireland: There are plenty of horror stories attached to these walls, but the Lady Isobel Shaw remains the most terrifying. She knocks on people’s doors and disappears when answered; this is no place for the weak at heart.

Chillingham Castle, England

If the name didn’t give you chills already, we’re certain you’re in for a scare or two at the creepy castle that was built specifically for the purpose of killing! You need a strong gut to stand these spine-chilling sounds of torture heard even today.

So this Halloween, take it a step further to one of these spooky haunts. Because trick or treating just got too mainstream.