When you decide to fulfill your travel dreams and leave to see this wide interesting world, there are many things you have to remember. After all the travel planning and booking, you have to start packing.. And packing is quite important. I always forget stuff. In addition to clothes, toiletries and beauty products there are travel essentials that every traveler should consider taking with them. These are the REAL essentials for travelling.

Some of these items in this list are must have (like passport or flight tickets) but there are a few items that will just make your trip a lot easier.. Fly with me!

The ones you really can’t forget. Essentials for travelling: Passport, visa and other documents

Now you won’t need an Echo Spot to travel, but some things are so normal, but still so easy to forget. First thing in this travel essentials list is of course your passport. You will have hard time getting to a country (or out one) if you don’t have your passport with you. And remember that for some countries, like the US, your passport has to be valid for at least 6 months!
Other official documents you should remember are for example visas, accommodation booking confirmations, flight tickets and travel insurance documents. Taking photos of your documents (and sending them to your own email) and passport is good way of making sure you will have all the needed information even if you lose the original ones. But just don’t lose the original ones. Don’t.

Eye mask, earplugs and headphones

These three items will make sleeping on a plane easier, but also keep unwanted people away from you. Nothing

Our favourite headphones, but pricey but very much worth it

screams “I want to be left alone” like listening to music and wearing an eye mask. Just don’t miss the plane-snacks.

We recommend: The Bose Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones. Really makes you not-hear anything at all.

Chewing gum and snacks

At this point everyone has probably heard about chewing gum and flying. Chewing helps easing the pressure in your ears while airplane rises and lands. However, there is also other reasons to have gum with you while traveling. After hours of traveling and no place to brush your teeth fresh minty taste will make you feel a lot better (tested and proven). And of course if you need to glue something quickly in emergency situation gum fits that purpose just perfectly.

Almost as important as gum is taking snacks with you. You never know what will happen. Maybe your flight gets cancelled or you are totally lost and don’t feel like ordering food in a language you don’t know. Everything feels better when you have food (and it keep your blood sugar high.)

Something warm

This may sound funnym but when you are sitting in chilly airport or freezing in an airplane, you will know why this is so essential. Many people take huge woolen scarf with them. It looks good, can be used as blanket and is easy to carry with you. Other people take a simple warm hoodie with them. The warm item you decide to take with you is up to you but the softer it is the easier it is to use as pillow or as headrest.. quite essential for travelling. Sleep everywhere!

Other essential travel items

In addition to the ones mentioned above, there is long list of items you may want to consider taking with you. Adapters, plastic and tote bags, sewing kit, extra luggage straps and disinfectants are some good choices to pack to your carry-on bag. These are the real essentials for travelling!