We live in a strange world where some people have all the money, and some people don’t (hi). Ever wondered what Kim Kardashian’s favourite holiday-hotspot is? Or where Justin Bieber goes to take in the sun?

Now, for peasants like me a rich and famous holiday is a bit out of reach, but I enjoy the simple things in life. I tried to find out though, seek some inspiration for the future.

1. Emily Ratajkowski

The famous “Blurred lines” girl Emily has become a very well known celebrity since dancing next to Robin Thicke. Nowadays she fights for womens-rights and acts in big movies, so relaxing must be quite important. Her destination of choice is… Greece! Santorini to be exact. And truth be told, that’s not a bad choice. Santorini is beautiful.

Oia 🇬🇷

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Santorini is well known for the beautiful views and idyllic white houses on cliffs.

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Cave 🛌

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The water is beautiful.

So if ever you feel like chilling like Emily, check out Santorini. There are some very reasonable priced accommodations and flights if you live in Europe.

2. Justin Bieber

When you are on tour most of your life like Justin Bieber, vacation is much needed. And money not a problem. Since Justin obviously has access to a private jet, he can pretty much go wherever he wants. But his favourite spot? Barbados! Justin even likes it so much he has bought a mulit-multi-multi-million dollar home there.

Now, since the Biebs does not like to be photographed on holiday (as I can imagine), I did find some photo’s of his house over there.

Biebs on Barbados-holiday

Not a bad view (Biebs house).

Barbados is a little island located in the Caribbean, and look somewhat like this:

Postcard material

By the way, Barbados is also one of Rihanna’s favourite spots. You should be in good company there!

3. Kim Kardashian 

This must the most-talked about celebrity of the decade. Kim Kardashian is better known in the USA than President Trump. Her holiday-style is as you’d think: hot, bit slippery and a lot of sexy. Kim’s fave vacation-spot? Mexico! Punta Mita to be exact.

Rumours say she once took 6000 selfies on a four-days holiday. Let that sink in.

Beach selfies of course! 🐚📷🐚

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There were friends. But since Kim isn’t really into taking photo’s of surroundings as much as she is into taking photo’s of herself, this is Punta Mita:

Punta Mita has really nice white beaches

4. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano. Not much to say about him. The best footballplayer in the world made a lot (a lot.) of money doing what he does best. And to relax, there’s only one place that fits him best: Ibiza. On a big, fat yacht. Nothing surprising.

Cristiano Ronaldo being Cristiano on a yacht

Now, Ibiza is a very well known party island with beautiful scenery (although I didn’t like it, but that’s personal).

That’s Ibiza