The low prices on return tickets to sought-after destinations highlight a part of the tourism industry that everyone in 2018 is after – budget travel.

Europe just for starters has quite a few low-cost airlines such as easyJet that, with their dramatically low air fares, has stirred up vital interest in budget travel.

Depending on your destination and your dates there are low-cost airlines that sell their tickets on their websites or over the phone, skipping out travel agents entirely.

Just remember that there are a few things that can increase your chances of getting hold of inexpensive fares:

  • Fly at the crack of dawn or late in the evening
  • Flying during the week and avoid weekend flights
  • Fly out of peak season times
  • Look out for offers and deals

Alternative forms of budget travel

Budget travel with cruises

You can’t Afford Not to Look at Great Travel Deals Speaking of offers and exclusive deals, why not look at an alternative form of budget travel?

There is a choice of great cruises where itineraries include thrilling cruises from 2 nights as well as longer cruises.

If you research carefully, you’ll find some early booking savings on cruises to exotic islands. In this instance, travel agents can be useful as they have business with the cruise companies and can get last minute deals and inexpensive rates.

Budget travel cruises

Just as with airfares, travel agents agree that Europe once again offers great cruise deals throughout the year.

There are always sales, and with the U.S. dollar being stronger against the euro, cruises, as well as shopping with port calls, are even more affordable than ever.

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Travels agents have made it clear that during 2018, travellers won’t be seeing as many dirt cheap cruise deals, but rather those added-value deals when you book in well in advance.

Boat trips in 2018 come with lots of offers and freebies such as Internet packages, discounts on shore excursions, onboard credit, free drinks and much more.

Budget travel by train or bus

Join the Rush for Affordable Travel 

Most modern countries have well-maintained luxury bus and train services too.

Budget Travel by Train

For real luxury, you can try luxurious railways that take you through spectacular scenery. The Rocky Mountaineer Trans-Canada Rail Adventure, The Palace on Wheels India, Southern Spirit Australia and Blue Train South Africa among others.

All work hard to not only keep the romance of steam train travel alive, by becoming a member of the Luxury Train Club which is uncomplicated and free when you subscribe to the Club newsletter.

Members benefit from as much as 25% discount off the prices of train journeys listed on the club’s website.

Do your research carefully because 2018 is certainly the year for affordable travel where you can enjoy different forms of voyages at prices that you simply won’t be able to resist.