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The hotel: La Maison D’Aix

We stayed in Maison d’Aix from 13/08/2016-14/08/2016, in Chambre le Jardin. 

Maison d’Aix is a cozy (but luxurious) boutique hotel/spa in the heart of Aix-en-Provence. Situated in a peaceful street, located just 2 minutes away from shops/bars/restaurants. The hotel has big rooms, and the quality of the matras is already worth your money. From our room we had such a romantic view over the garden, very French, and very quiet.

Because of the limited number of rooms (four), it felt like we had the house to ourselves. Even in the spa, consisting of a steam room, pool and relaxing room: We were the only ones.

In front of La Maison D'Aix

In front of La Maison D’Aix


Mademoiselle Henriette Reboul lived in ‘Maison d’Aix’ from 1789-1903. She was an antiques collector, and reputedly had numerous celebrity friends, lovers and mistresses, who all took abode in this magnificent residence.

Ever since, the architect and owner kept Henriette Reboul’s spirit and sensual touch still in the atmosphere. Pay attention to the 300 year old teak parquet floors in the bedrooms and contemporary furniture! Maison D’Aix breathes luxury, but maintaining perfect taste. I can’t recall the number of times we’ve said “I wish we had a house like this” to each other! That says a lot about the feel of this place, since we’re not the easiest in finding other places beautiful.

Not a bad entrance

Not a bad entrance

The room

As mentioned, the rooms are very spacious, our favourite part was the window overlooking the garden. The light shining through in the morning was such a delight to wake up to. The combination of the luxury shower with glass walls and tiles, soft towels, bathrobes and dark wooden floor, made us feel royal. The shared living room is ready for some backgammon, and if you’re not really into backgammon , you can just relax and read a book or watch a movie. It also has some funny manga/comic elements that give a nice contrast to the feel of the space. Although we’re not the biggest fans of shared spaces, this one looked cool.

Our own space was the ‘Jardin Secret’ room. There are four rooms in total for guests. Some have a beautiful bathtub as well, ours had a beautiful view over the garden. All rooms can use the spa 24 hours a day. Hello nightswims!

La Maison D'Aix

The bathroom made us smile

Our room

Our room (Photo by Maison D’Aix)


Upon our arrival, our host Viktor welcomed us with coffee and madeleine cakes. It felt like home immediately. Viktor is such a warm person, we laughed and he made sure we had a map pointing out all the hotspots & good restaurants. Breakfast was exactly what you’d expect from it. Fresh pressed juices, fruit and French pastries. Scrambled/cooked/baked egg’s, coffee and tea of our choice.

TIP: In French cities it is such a struggle to find a place to park your car. We parked our car in a garage on walking distance. You can contact Viktor in advance to make sure you don’t end up driving around for another 30 minutes to find a parking spot.

This type of hospitality really sets La Maison D’Aix in a different league from other boutique hotels, especially in combination with the interior and location. Other people who stayed at La Maison D’Aix agree with us; reading the reviews on Booking.com really show how happy people are with the way they were treated during their stay.

One-of-a-kind host: Viktor is awesome!

One-of-a-kind host: Viktor is awesome!

If you’re looking for a hotel in Aix-en-Provence, this is our absolute favourite.

Visit the offical Maison D’Aix website, or read more reviews and book directly on booking.com.

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La Maison D'Aix
Value for money8.9
Overall experience9.3
Superb! If you're travelling with your significant other you have to visit Maison D'Aix.
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